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More about HID Ballasts


Slim ballast vs standard HID ballast

Slim HID ballasts offered through provide same quality performance that the standard ballasts do. The difference between the slim ballasts and the standard ballasts is simply in their size. With the more compact casing the slim HID ballasts are made available in, the installation process can be made even more simple due to the location of ballast placement being increased.

Digital HID ballasts vs non digital ballasts

Not only do the digital ballasts offer slimmer packaging that for even more convenient installation, they offer faster, cooler, and quieter performance. The HID xenon headlights can last even longer by utilizing the digital HID ballasts since they distribute power to the bulbs gradually unlike the non digital ballasts. By upgrading your HID ballasts to the digital ballasts, you are able to assure that you get the best performance out of your xenon HID lighting.