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Easy Installation

This clip of How to Install an HID kit guides you through each step with clear-cut instructions. You can see the improvement HIDs have over halogen builds at the end of the video.

Max Durability

In this video you'll see how durable our HID ballasts really are. We run them over with a 3500+ lb. SUV while they are still on, and despite the physical damage, they keep working flawlessly.


Visual Capacity

This video shows the benefits HID headlights have over standard halogens while driving at night. You can clearly see the increased coverage of the road as well as the change in color.

PDF Downloads

You can download our Xenon HID lights' installation guide at any time to further assist your own installation or to get a better idea of how simple the process really is.

Our downloadable FAQ addresses a lot of commonly asked questions people have about HID kits, color variation, vehicle fitment, and more!

Learn more about the facts of Xenon HID Lights.