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HID Kit (2 Bulbs, 2 Ballasts, Wiring, Install Manual)


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Xenon Bulbs


There are 4 different types of the Xenon bubs the H1, H3, H4 and H7. There are H1 conversion kits that you can purchase if you currently have halogen headlamps in your car. If you are looking to convert your car to an H1 light system then you may need the H1 High Intensity Discharge Interposer X3 Conversion Kit. Experts are saying that this is one of the best conversion kits for the H1 bulbs. This kit is being touted as one of the best because it improves night visibility by 300 percent.

The kit includes 2 bulbs, 2 ballasts and full instructions and fitting instructions. To use this conversion kit it does not require that you need relays or even a independent wiring harness. This kit is designed to be put together one way so there is no way that you can not do it correctly. These kits are available in 6000k and 8000k.

There are also bulbs for sale rather than buying a complete conversion kit if you already have Xenon lights. The H1 Osram which is a division of Sylvania , is an advanced upgrade for the H1 bulb. These bubs are E marked and legal in the United States and the United Kingdom. They are 12 volts, 55 watts and they are Osram Silverstar 50%. Another h1 bulb is the Platinum White 7500K Blue Zones.

These bulbs are made with the newest it xenon technology. These bulbs has a performance of color temperature rated at 75000k. These bulbs have a blue tint to them which gives the lights a variation on the white bulb. These bulbs are available in pairs and they are very affordable. You may only be able to find these bulbs online.

Another H1 bulb is the H1, 12 volts, 55 watt Philips Blue Vision Bulbs. Philips is a great manufacturers of light bulbs and other great products. These bulbs we made from Quartz but they are extremely durable and will not shatter even if there is hot water. When the light is emitted it is a white light with a very small tint of blue. These bulbs are also road legal and they are available in pairs.

GE is another exceptional manufacturer with a great reputation . They offer a H1, 12 volt 55 watt Mega light Plus. These bubs will provide 50 percent more light for better visibility, a longer beam and more road illumination. These lights are xenon lights but they offer the great illumination and visibility as the Xenon bulbs do.

This last pair of l-l! lights are the Auto bulbs Direct H1 Xenon Ice Blue bulbs. These bulbs are a combination of Xenon gas and a specific blue coating on the surface of the bulb. The light is a vthita style light that has a slight blue tint which is almost the same as the headlamps that you see on the new cars. These are road legal and are E marked.