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HID Kit (2 Bulbs, 2 Ballasts, Wiring, Install Manual)


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HB2 HID Bulbs


By retrofitting the HB2 type bulbs with HID headlight kits, you can improve the visibility of the road during night time or in times of bad weather by as much as 70%. The light emitted by the xenon headlights closely replicate the natural sun light and shines three times as bight as the standard halogen bulbs. HB2 xenon bulbs also lasts longer than the OEM headlights and uses less energy to operate, making them an ideal solution in terms of practicality. HID xenon lights are often standard feature of luxury cars such as BMW’s and Jaguars, by installing the HIDs to your ride you are able to grant the vehicle with an upscale feel without altering the design of the car.