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Halogen vs. HID


HID Lights, sometimes referred to as xenon headlights produce lighting that are three times as bright as the standard halogen bulbs on your vehicle. The increased visibility, thanks to the HID xenon lights that mimic the normal daylight, can improve the peripheral coverage while you drive at night time by as much as 70%. By retrofitting your ride with our HID conversion kit, you assure yourself of added safety during the night time drive.

What exactly are Xenon headlights?

HIDs produce their lights in a manner that is similar to the fluorescent lights. The HID lighting are conducted when electricity is applied to metal vapor. In order to sustain a stable supply of voltage, each kits are supplied with HID ballasts. Despite their bright lights, the xenon lighting uses less power than the OEM halogen headlights. Forget the imitation blue headlights and experience the real thing with the HID conversion kit.

Custom Lighting

Not only does retrofitting your ride with an HID kit grant you a safer, more comfortable night time driving experience. But the xenon HID lights provide your vehicle with an elegant sleek look that are often standard features of upscale vehicles. Forgo the imitation halogen blue headlights and choose from array of color options available to create a custom ride that exhumes class and exoticism.

Everlasting Light

HID headlights not only shine brighter and consume less energy, but they also provide you with longer lasting lighting. The average lifespan of the Xenon headlights are ten times longer than that of standard halogen bulbs. By retrofitting your ride with an HID conversion kit, you won’t have to worry about replacing your HID bulbs again.