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HID Color Options

sample off sample 3000k sample 5000k sample 6000k sample 8000k sample 10000k sample 12000k
  • lights off Lights off
  • 3000K Bulbs 3000K
  • 5000K Bulbs 5000K
  • 6000K Bulbs *6000K
  • 8000K Bulbs 8000K
  • 10000K Bulbs 10000K
  • 12000K Bulbs 12000K
* 6000K most popular

Welcome to the Xenon Lights HID Website!


Xenon Lights HID is a company devoted to selling top quality HID kits at the lowest possible price. We carry HID kits for all makes and models, and all our products come with a 1 year warranty. Installation is easy and only takes about 20 minutes to complete. We stand by all our products, giving you the shopper "peace of mind" unlike other HID sites. All our transations are done securely via PayPal to keep your information safe, and you can still checkout without a PayPal account! We offer a few different hid color tempatures: 6,00k, 8,000k, 10,000k, 12,000k and also upgrades like a slim ballast and bi-xenon bulbs. Please browse our vehicle selection to the left to get started ordering your hid kit!

Why Change to Xenon Lights HID?

Digital ballasts are the next step in HID lights, they are more efficient, cooler, and put less wear and tear on the bulb. Digital ballasts don't have the usual transformers, capacitors or igniters, instead they have electronic cicuitry, which means they are more efficient and more advanced. The standard style HID ballasts are hard starting, this means when the ballast fires, it sends full power to the cold bulb. Over time this shortens the bulb life and reduces visibility. Digital ballasts are soft starting, this means when the ballasts fire, it starts by sending a low amount of power to the bulb and steadily increases power over the next minute until the bulb is to its maximun brightness. This gives more life to your HID bulbs, more vivid colors, and gives you more visibility!

We sell nothing but top quality HID Kits, all our kits are plug-in-play design, with two advanced HID digital ballast. Our kits are easy to install, and last longer then knock off brands sold by other HID companys. All our hid kits are manufactured under the most strict quality control within a ISO-9001 certified factory.


35W vs 55W


Though 55W xenon HID kits may offer brighter lighting than the 35W HID conversion kits we offer, the installation process may prove to be slightly more difficult due to the bigger bulb size. More importantly, because they require more energy than the 35 W bulbs, the 55w high intensity discharge lighting system emit more heat and possibly damaging the harness or components around the headlights area.


Bi-Xenon vs Hi/Low


Bi-xenon bulbs, are bulbs that can function as both high beam and low beam. Often times the single bulb has a motor installed within it that can shift its positions when they are switched from high to low. Most often times, retrofitting the single bulb designed vehicles with the bixenon bulbs are just as simple as replacing regular headlights with the HID headlights.

high/low HID bulbs, much like the bixenon bulbs, hi lo HID bulbs fit on headlights designed for a single bulb to act as both high beam and low beam. The high/low HID bulb actually consists of two bulbs, HID bulb for the low beam, and standard halogen bulb for the high beam, in one socket. The result is a slightly more cost efficient alternative to the bi-xenon bulbs with an equally pleasing result.


Relay Harness


Relay harness is mainly used to draw power directly from the vehicle's battery. Most of the time, the high intensity discharge lighting system does not require such supplementary accessory in order for the xenon HID kit to operate correctly. In cases, however, that your HID conversion kit has been properly been installed but fail to perform as it should, installing a relay harness may resolve the issue.


H4 Conversions


Sealed beam lights as found in some vehicles are headlight types that include the bulb and the casing in a single assembly. Most often times, the headlight system that use the sealed beam lights can be replaced with a casings that are designed to accompany the H4 bulb type. Once you have switched out the sealed beam lighting with the casing, you can install the HID kit.


Factory OEM HID headlights and the Xenon Conversion Kit


The HID lighting that was a standard feature for your vehicle will not work with the xenon conversion kits due to the bulb size difference and slight difference in the wiring system. Though the HID kits offered through us are designed for retrofitting your halogen bulbs with the xenon lighting, factory parts are also available that are compatible with the OEM HID headlights.

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